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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Water Rafting after TS Sendong

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We went water rafting yesterday. It was a treat from the Great White company. My sister and I, along with the UST teacher and other members of the CDO Bloggers Inc. We had fun going there and we had fun going through fifteen rapids.
But when we got to see the area from the time we stepped on the point of beginning down to the end point down river, especially when we reached where Cabula River Grille used to be, we saw the devastation brought about by TS Sendong. There are no more backyard cabanas, not even the swimming pool. The back hoe has been broken and parts have been spread all around the place.. All throughout the route, we saw uprooted trees, and many other signs that TS Sendong snatched the river's former beauty. But then, it has given it a different kind of power to draw attention still.
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