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Saturday, January 28, 2012


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Last January 25, 2012 was the 40th day for all TS Sendong victims and survivors. A grand gathering was held at the Rodelsa Circle in the evening, where a mass and a candle lighting ceremony was held before a concert. After TS Sendong hit, there was also a concert held as a fundraising to help the victims. Performers did their numbers for free, while organizers collected money from the audience. After that, said money were used to buy food items and other relief goods, then they were distributed. Here are a few photos courtesy of some friends of the performers.

That's Boyet Vasquez and his guitar. While this below is a band which I forgot the name. What a talent CDO has. 
There were other bands that performed and they came full force, complete with their equipment and instruments, even with their bad monkey overdrive guitar effects. Well, on the 40th day commemoration, said bands performed again, but the attendees were mostly their for remembering.. Candle lighting took place and a huge floater was also filled with lighted candles as it went floating Cagayan River.. and looking through photos of Froilan Gallardo and Enrico Lluch at FB, I saw that some candles formed HEAL CDO...

While in Taguanao, earlier in the day, another group have offered prayers, a priest's blessing and some candles floating too.. 
In Calacala, that part of the city that was gravely washed out, people went there with the same actions and intentions.. 

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