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Friday, June 3, 2011

Scrubs at Work

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My sister is preparing her Medical Scrubs for a possible work in a hospital. I think it is some volunteer-ship of some sort, but I am happy and excited for her. Among her scrubs collection, she preferred the pink one with animal print. I am guessing that she will be assigned in a nursery or children's area for her many scrubs speak of where she gets to be assigned. I have yet to see her in Dickies Scrubs, if she wills it, she will buy it.. She just likes scrubs of many different colors and designs.. Working in hospitals, I think this variety of scrubs designs allows the wearer some vanity point and style. At least they do not wear something inappropriate and well, that is good. Right? Wearing scrubs at work is somehow beneficial to both, the health care professional as well as the patient.. It allows comfort and variety of designs and styles of scrubs eliminates boredom. Especially with kids, they love huge cartoon prints and animals and flowers.. I should know, I also wore scrubs when I was yet a SPED teacher.. It was actually nice.. 

I get to keep my Sunday clothes at bay, reserved for special occasions. Business suits and other clothing get their share of preservation too. Hahaha.. 

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