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Monday, May 23, 2011

Zipline at ZipCity, Davao City

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This was when we went to ZipCity for a short detour from eating, lol.. Yes, trying out the zip-line is part of the activities in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011, which I recently attended.. 

A pose with fellow participants, while others have already gone up the steps above..
That's the tower where those who will go zip-lining will go up and enjoy the view, as much as conquering their fears of height, if they have.
Then of course, they will be guided to go down the tower... and journey across, over the trees that abound..
To do that though, one need to sign up and pay the fee of P 300, read rules and stuff..
For those of us who didn't go zip lining, we simply enjoyed the majestic view..  This post is also my entry for Green Monday. Click on the badge above for more.. 

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Laikka said...

there's also a zipline in bohol..my husband tried hehe!

my green is up too see yah!

melandria said...

wow, oh wow, that is something i wish to do in the near future bago sumakit ang mga likod ko, ha ha ha, thanks for joining