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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Deals

Christmas deals are all around. I was able to buy a really nice bag for only $17.90 at Tang's last night. And you know what? My friend Didi was able to get a cheap insurance too. Not bad. Tito Noel went shopping at the Changi Airport and was given gifts for every item he purchased. OMG! Whatta deal. Here in Singapore, you always get what your money is worth, quality plus extra deals on the side. I hope we also get them in the Philippines, instead of people always commercializing the season with so much wares that costs too much. Here in Singapore, Christmas is the season where goods and services become cheaper than the usual price. Hmm.. No wonder many people come here to shop. But then, Malaysia is even more cheaper, It is half the price compared here in Singapore. 

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