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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who is Better?

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This is taken from a real event, people and circumstances are changed for privacy.. Here it goes:

A Bronx Accident Lawyer and a skater argued that he is better than the other. Each had his own reasons and each wanted to win. Apparently, both are eying the same maiden who do not like the two of them, lol.. And what's worse is that, they both know this fact..  In order to stop the two from bickering, the lady thought of a plan. She asked someone to pretend to like the other, while she pretended to like the skater. They worked up the plan to be obsessive with each guy, until both actually lost their interest in any of the girls.. 

The plan worked. But the question now is, who did it better? At this point it wouldn't really matter. But to the two girls, each wanted to know--- hahaha

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