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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me..

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I didn't get any grand gifts yesterday, but I got tons of greetings from so many people. I even got an advanced send off of a really cutesy easter gift basket, and a bottle of wine for Christmas, but not any birthday gift, lol..

Seriously, it doesn't matter really because I got tons of greetings since Sunday last week. And I feel happy not only with the greetings and well wishes, but also because I have chosen to be so. There are some people who have not greeted me, who I have expected to greet me, but for some reason or another, failed to do so. I do not mind that, I do not mind at all. And I do not feel bad about that because I know and I have seen the number of well wishers and they're definitely huge. So this birthday girl is truly thankful, happy and blessed..

Thank you UNIVERSE!

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