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Sunday, May 30, 2010

YS: Drinks at Hard Rock

Left to Right: Tropical Rock, Sex on the Beach and Hurricane

These were the drinks we ordered at Hard Rock last May 26, 2010 when we were treated for dinner and drinks by our sponsor. While others had different  drinks to match their taste. My drink was the Tropical Rock and I love how it tastes. All three drink have some alcohol content in them. But just a little  so as not to make one tipsy, unless the drinker's body is not used to taking in even just a tiny bit of alcohol.. tsk tsk tsk... 

But if you do not wish to take in any alcohol, you can order Hard Rock Alternative. 

That is what our non-alcoholics ordered. Right Jorich? Drink is his, photo is his by the way.. 

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1 comment:

Bogie said...

Perfectly Blended
refreshing drinks... :D I think I would go for the non-alcoholic drink. Thanks for sharing!