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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

USA Casinos

Are you in search of USA casinos? I met a guy online who told me all about the online casinos he went to play at, where USA players from all American states are welcome, with No Restrictions!

Hmm.. His name is Richie. I tease him and call him Richie Rich.. I always tell him that playing casinos online may not be a good idea as they are not safe. I feel that if one plays on any casino sites online, they will just be wasting money, but Richie said it depends where one goes to play. He recommended a site, www.usplayerswelcome.net and he says that is where he frequently plays.

Hmm.. maybe I will try to visit the site later.. and see for myself. But, I am certain I will not be playing.. I will just see if I can recommend it to my casino playing friends..

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