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Monday, September 21, 2009

Casino Games: A Sports Game?

Skaters who I spoke with have so much to tell me about skateboarding. And they would seriously talk about the sport so passionately that sometimes, such passion for skateboarding seems too much for me to understand. I mean, hey, it's quite a dangerous sport.. But one particular sports guy, who we shall hide by the name of Chuck, has another passion. It seems to me that his heart is always set for the best online casino as he loves casino games very much. I met him a few years back in Cebu. We were watching a show at the Casino Filipino while he and his friends just finished rounds from the slot machines.. And by golly, he even likes online slot machines too...

Can't blame him. He must be very good because he tells me now that he has not really lost a lot. Hmmm.. I thought he was just being nice to himself by declaring that. But, true, he has not lost much, because he doesn't play much. He simply plays when he has a chance, and mostly of these times, according to him, he wins.

He must be very lucky.. But he tells us that it isn't him that's lucky. He says that it is the platform that he uses when he plays... Well, good for him.. At least it's not an addiction that he cannot control...

Anyway, I asked him whether he considers Casino Games as a Sports Game, and his answer is simple. He siad, "YES! Because like all sports, win or lose, you just have to take it as a game or lose your cool..".

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