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Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a repost from Sana's blog.. I know Queenie personally because she is my sister's friend. What they went through is not fair. I am reposting this in the hope that some US readers of this post can help them, in anyway...

The incident happened a long time ago--- May 25, 2006 but until now, the Velasco family still needs help to clear out their names. Right now they can't find decent jobs because of the case they were NEVER convicted with prior to the pediatrician's findings. Allan and Queenie Velasco were arrested and charged with child neglect for not seeking immediate attention for their child's minor injury. Queenie was arrested at the hospital where they took Carmela, their child, and Allan was dragged out of their Jersey City home with the full view of the neighbors - dragged out and cuffed without a chance to wear shoes or jacket, and wasn't given a chance to get his cellphone or wallet.

Read the full story here - a scanned newspaper article of their story: (click images to enlarge)

Here's pictures of Mela way before the incident:

Here's Mela at Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)

Carmela's first bday at DYFS.

Carmela with parents Allan and Queenie

Mela with dad Allan and granny Yen

The family wants to thank the following people:
Lynn Kressel, Jud Taylor, CAHN Family, and Lenovitz family for helping them all throughout the case and for Allan's new job.

To those who wish to help the Velasco Family, here are their contact information:

New Jersey:
Allan Velasco/Queenie Velasco
1109 Bergenline Ave.
Union City NJ 07087

Jersey Mobile Numbers:
Allan - +12013628544
Queenie - +12013628906

Princess (queenie's sister) - +63 9062764045
NiƱo (queenie's brother) - +63 9262488893

or email rosanna_113@yahoo.com for more information.

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